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Home Health Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Author: Kristin Diller

November 28, 2017

Often times after hospital visits for surgeries or semi-serious illnesses it’s hard to get back on our feet. We want to feel better, have independence, and move as we used to, but it’s easier said than done. It takes a lot of time, work , and effort to feel good again. Everyone’s bodies are in different conditions and have different reactions to surgeries and illnesses- no two recovery plans are going to be exactly the same. If you have a quick recovery, then great! But there is no shame in it taking you longer to get back to your prior level of function. This is exactly why home health care and skilled nursing facilities are so great.

Home health care and skilled nursing facilities are there to help individuals regain their independence and get back to their lives as quickly and as efficiently as possible. No matter which route the doctor sees as the best fit for you, a recovering individual, the end goal is the same: getting you the best care possible to get you to where you want to be. Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Care are not competitors or rivals, they are both designed to get you better as quickly as possible.

Skilled Nursing Facilities are exactly what they sound like- a place to go and stay and be surrounded by skilled nurses. This is best for someone who can’t do most of their daily life on their own just yet. This way you will be surrounded by people that know how to care for you and can help you in your constant daily struggles.

Home Health Care is for people that can live mostly independent but need help with some tasks or exercises. The nurse isn’t there all the time, but visits frequently and as often as necessary. A lot of times, someone can go from a short stay at a skilled nursing facility to receiving home health care.

No matter the route, embrace your recovery and receive all the help you need. Skilled nursing facilities and home health care nurses are there to help you receive the best treatment possible and help you get back to the life you once had.