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We have proudly served the Wapakoneta area since 1970.

Welcome to Wapakoneta Manor & The HCF Family!

Whether our care is needed for a short period of time, or you have decided to call Wapakoneta Manor home, we are grateful you have chosen us. For over 50 years, our HCF Family has maintained a tradition of caring by compassionately providing care for each one of our residents and their families like our own.

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, we understand this transition is a significant change that requires immense trust in us. To be part of your chosen family is a tremendous honor and reward. Thank you for letting us show you what it means to be part of the HCF family!

Interested In Joining The Team?

We offer a wide range of career opportunities for both professional level and staff positions. Our community is committed to a diverse workforce and offers programs to assist all our employees to reach their career potential.

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What our clients are saying about us...

“I would recommend Wapakoneta Manor to my family and friends. The EncompassCare therapists pushed me further and farther to a place where I can walk without assistance and now I am able to return to the community. The relationships and communication with staff allowed me to keep my dignity. The unwavering kindness and medical care I received brought me back to life so I can live again.”

- Ruby H.

“From the nurses, aides and entire Wapakoneta Manor team, you could tell they genuinely cared. It wasn’t just a job and they treated us like family. The EncompassCare therapists were wonderful. They had up to date rehab equipment and because of this, he was able to walk with a walker and get into the Jeep with minimal assistance upon leaving. We would recommend Wapakoneta Manor to family and friends.”

- Family of Joey A.

“Wapakoneta Manor’s therapy is the best in the region. They push you to your limits so you can get the most out of therapy sessions. When I came to Wapakoneta Manor I was weak, the therapy team kept me on schedule and got me home quickly and safely. I would recommend Wapakoneta Manor to anyone for rehab.”

- Tom M.

“I chose Wapakoneta Manor because of the personal attention I knew I would receive for my recovery. The nurses and aides were always right there when I needed something. The therapy was intense and their attention to detail challenged me every day.”

- Larry W.

“I came to Wapakoneta Manor after I fell and broke my hip at home. I was bed bound, weak, in a lot of pain and was uncertain as to my future. Once I got to Wapakoneta Manor, my outlook changed. The EncompassCare therapy team was top notch and encouraged me every day to do my best. Because of the care I received at Wapakoneta Manor, I will be walking out of here on my own.”

- Sally W.

“I have been in Wapakoneta Manor over 100 times visiting people and I never really knew what they did until I went there for rehab. The staff clicked and worked together and motivated me to get me back on my feet again. They were fantastic, the staff was happy and were interested in me and my care. I would recommend Wapakoneta Manor to others.”

- Donald W., Former Mayor of Wapakoneta