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We have proudly served the Wapakoneta area since 1970.

Welcome to Wapakoneta Manor

We have proudly served the Wapakoneta area since 1970. Throughout this time, we have maintained, nurtured and enhanced a tradition that forms the very foundation of our approach to delivering our services to our families, friends and neighbors—a tradition of caring.

HCF Redefined

HCF “redefined” is a mind-set focused around efforts in providing the best care possible in an environment that promotes quality of life. Starting with our traditional care practices and high standards we continuously enhance our individualized care plans and implement Person Centered Care values, thus taking patient care to the next level resulting in care of excellence.

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We offer a wide range of career opportunities for both professional level and staff positions. Our community is committed to a diverse workforce and offers programs to assist all our employees to reach their career potential.

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What our clients are saying about us...

My care was excellent!

- Maria M.

I brought my mother Betty W. to the Wapakoneta Manor from the hospital. She immediately settled in and was very satisfied to be here. She really liked all the people that work here and was very satisfied with her care. She has not complained one time about anything. Mom is receiving therapy and she has been doing well with this also. She loves all the therapists. Mostly she talks about how nice and friendly all the people are here. She is not coming out for activities but she likes the girls to stop in and talk. She has told me how much better the food is than it was at the hospital. My brother & I were hoping to be able to take her back home, but if she is not able we feel very good about her staying here at Wapakoneta Manor.

- Linda F.

I was a resident at Wapakoneta Manor in August of 2010. I had a total knee replacement and came to the Manor for therapy. I had the best care I could ask for. The therapy department was the best. The nurses and nursing assistants were very kind to me and the food was great. The girls from activities would stop by and invite me to join them for activities, or with a magazine and a visit. After 2 years I am now back at Wapakoneta Manor as a volunteer in activities. I love what I do and it is so great to work with such special caring people.

- Becky B.

Our father suffered a stroke in January. We had to make a decision that no family likes to make. Where would Dad get the best care? He was unable to move his left arm and leg. We thought he would never walk again. From the moment he started therapy at Wapakoneta Manor we were amazed at his progress. Each day he was able to accomplish a little more. Today he is walking with a walker. To him, his greatest accomplishment is being able to get around the manor by himself in a wheel chair. Everyone at the Wapakoneta Manor is very thoughtful and caring. They treat the residents as if they are family members. We are very pleased with the care our father is getting at the Manor.

- Family of Carl W.

I would like to put my thoughts down in response to my stay at Wapakoneta Manor for 7 weeks. While a patient at St. Ritas Medical Center for nine weeks with pneumonia, heart attacks and being very weak I was in no mood to be told that I need to go to a nursing home for rehab. I was in rehab at the hospital at that time and felt like I could go home and have home health nursing care take care of me. But instead the Social Manager, Mr. Bruce Arnold, informed me differently. So I came to the manor still in a foul mood about everything. Since my sister Alice was already at the manor I was in the same room with her. Everyone treats her with the best of care. I will say that after a couple of weeks my mind finally informed me that I wasn’t as strong as I thought. The therapists in Wapakoneta Manor are very well informed about their work and how to take care of the patients. I like the way that each person receives the same amount of care and treated with the best treatments. Needless to say I could only walk a little distance but now I am walking all around the house with my walker. Thank you therapists. Thank You to the Administrator, Nursing Staff, Activities Director and Assistants, Aides, Food Staff and all other staff at Wapakoneta Manor. I will highly recommend the Manor to anyone.

- Violet B.

Today during our vision visit your STNA’s were such a wonderful help. We had a late start and another home to visit after this visit and your girls made it possible!! They made sure everyone was up and ready to be seen, they helped to locate residents and just all around made this an awesome visit. I wanted to share this with you so that you would be able to please thank them for us!!!!

- Denise F.